Main Topics

5th Innsbruck Targeted Temperature Management Symposium 2017
Trinational Conference

Present knowledge, current practice and future perspectives

  • Means of temperature management: do techniques matter?
  • When the heart fails to work, brain & Co suffer: TTM after Cardiac Arrest
  • TTM in neurological injury
  • TTM in neonatology – The tinier the more careful attention is needed
  • Perioperative Temperature Management
  • Attacked from the heart – keep cool
  • TTM in ICU and thereafter
  • ICU- and Stroke Unit nurses – absolutely essential and indispensable in TTM

Nursing Symposium June 2, 2017

  • Temperaturmanagement in der Pflege
  • Workshops

Simulation Workshops

  • Please note that the ‘Simulation Workshops’ have been cancelled due to very few registrations received.

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